‘Ladies and Gentlemen, The KLF have now left the building…”

It’s four in the morning. Outside, the sky is a deep shade of purple, not helped by the cloud cover. Birds are singing. Nature is moving on. And, thanks to my hideous workload, I’m still awake. Considering we’re going to be leaving for France in less than two hours, there didn’t seem much point in going back to bed. I’m very tired, at the end of an extremely tiring week, and the journey ahead may have all sorts of difficulties– but I’ll be happy simply to sit in the back of the car and doze.

More than anything else, I want this holiday to be a genuine time of rest. I want to actually stop, allow myself not to think for a while, and get my breath back. I want to step outside of all my current problems, and focus myself on what’s really important. I think it’s going to be good. It’s certainly going to be the longest I’ve been away from the Net for a while. I may get the chance to post- I may not. Only time will tell.

Anyhow, for the moment- this is Saxon Bullock, tired, bleary-eyed but still going, and about to leap into another journey of adventure…

See you in two weeks.

(-over and out…-)

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