My Name is Nobody

I think I might be in need of a holiday.

Stress is kind of getting to me– plus, for the next 48 hours, I’m going to be absurdly busy. We leave for France at about 6AM on Sunday morning– and I’ve got nearly £400 worth of work to do before then, along with getting various official forms in, and going to a screening of Transformers. And packing. And about a dozen other things as well. Basically, life is feeling somewhat difficult, added to which I’m having trouble sleeping, which means that the idea of 2 weeks in France not doing very much is probably a very good one.

(For those who are interested- the rewrite of the book has reached Chapter 12. Only five more chapters to go, and this phase is finished…)

Certainly, this blog is pretty likely to be dormant for the next two weeks. (At least, more dormant than normal). I’ll have a go at posting my reaction to the first part of the Who finale tomorrow… and once I get back, I’m hoping to be a little re-energised and ready for action. Summer’s going to be busy, and there’s not that long before I hurl myself once again into the maw of the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Stay tuned…

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