I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself (Slight Return)

Coming back from holiday is always surreal- even more so when the downpours of rain have transformed the countryside around our house. When we left, everything was relatively dry and bare- in just a few days, it’s exploded in lush green life. Everything is wet and green and wild, growing in random patterns, while everything wooden glistens with dark colours. It’s at times like this that I’m exceptionally glad we’re living where we are.

A week away from reality has focussed me alot– and I’ve also had some positive feedback on the novel which is leading me to think I may not be too far away from getting it finished. What’s not helping is the general sensation that I’m terrible at multi-tasking– without firm deadlines being involved, I can only handle one problem at a time, meaning I end up spending too much time staring slackly at my life going “What do I do?” One thing I am going to do is throw myself back into the writing fray with another round on Novel in 90. I have a potential idea, which is lurking somewhere in the realms of pulp adventure fantasy and surreal family comedy, and I think the best thing for me may be simply to start writing, and this time try harder not to stop (It’d be nice to beat my previous record). I’ve also got to do some Ebaying- a process I’ve been putting off for too long, meaning there’s a small mountain of stuff to be sold, and the whole thing looks even less encouraging than before.

For a little while, I’ve been a little insecure about my social life (or lack of one), and I’ve officially decided not to worry. It’s never done me any good in the past, so I’m simply going to smile, wink and say “Hey, Nonny Nonny” to the whole thing. Life is for living, and very little else.

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