ECHOES FROM THE PAST: The Alchemist, Part 6

The ‘flashback’ structure comes to an end, and my VHS-shot action epic- crafted by my sixteen-year-old self with little filmmaking knowledge other than how to film a conversation- edges towards its final showdown. While I would advise any viewers around to turn up their monitor’s brightness levels (Amazingly, I didn’t realise before making The Alchemist that filming down a mineshaft with both lead characters dressed almost head-to-toe in black might not be the wisest idea), the final action sequence here is one of the sections of the film that I’m most proud of. It’s all choreographed and arranged to the Maurice Jarre soundtrack I ended up using (the track is from The Mosquito Coast), and despite my absolutely terrible acting, I’m still pleased with how it turned out.

Come with me down memory lane. Only a short amount to go…

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