ECHOES FROM THE PAST: The Alchemist, Part 5

We’re onto part 5– and finally, we get the section of the film that was an insane amount of fun to film (although possibly not quite as much for Tris, who had to spend rather a large amount of time walking around Cornwall College dressed in a gas mask and waving an air pistol). It’s a countdown, as David Harwood has to find a way of recovering the metal carving, and getting it somewhere he can dispose of it, before time runs out and the Alchemist has full control of his friend’s mind. Stand by for plenty of blazing action, disintegrations, punches, loads of enthusiastic running around, loud music, some dazzling special effects, and one particular scene where my character gets his way out of a tight spot in a way that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. My excuse? The location we wanted to use wasn’t available, so we had to think fast. Whatever happenned, here’s Part 5- enjoy…

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