ECHOES FROM THE PAST: The Alchemist, Part 3

So, we’ve had a mysterious apparition, our heroes have dug a big hole, and recovered an interestingly shaped piece of metal. You’ve seen some suspicious acting, and some even more suspicious hair. We now enter the traditional part of every one of my stories- the “let’s sit down and explain the plot” section. I will freely admit- it’s damn slow in parts (at some point, I’m going to use iMovie and cut a new version of The Alchemist to tighten it up a bit…), but be patient. The chase sequence isn’t too far away.

The story continues…

(And as soon as I get a chance, I’m going to give some serious details about the making of The Alchemist. It’s a fun saga, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.)

One thought on “ECHOES FROM THE PAST: The Alchemist, Part 3

  1. Umm, “Our Heroes” have dug a large hole?
    Not quite how I remember that one.
    Think it was more “Our Hero” dug the hole while “Our Director” scouted the area in an attempt to find “a nice backdrop” for the next scenes…
    Not that I’m still bitter or anything, but it took weeks to get sand out of my hoodie.


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