Jelly and Ice Cream

I’d like to be effusive and full of observations on life– but I’m two days into a run of subbing, and I already feel like my brain is turning to porridge. It’s always so difficult to get anything done at times like these, and after a weekend that mainly consisted of ferenetic tidying, I think I’m starting to realise I have my limits. I need to sort this, though. I need to work on getting a different financial set-up where I can earn decent money through routes other than subbing– because at the moment, runs of more than a couple of days mean shutting my life down. With a two hour journey to and from work, it’s a long day. Getting through it feels like an acheivement– I’m trying to push myself further, but it’s downright tricky.

At the least, there’s George to help me out with a bowl of Jelly and Ice Cream when things get too tough.

Now, I’m going to chill out, and think happy thoughts. Today was lots of stress, and intensive detail work. Tomorrow will be better…

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