Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory…

I’ve got a new monitor for my computer. It’s my yearly tax write-off spend, combined with the urgent need to celebrate our liberation from the horror of the Flat. It’s a 22-inch widescreen, and suddenly my desktop area is collosal. I’ve gone from feeling like I can barely fit everything on the screen, to looking at lots of programs hanging in lots of empty space. Plus, anything I’m watching on the computer now looks freakin’ fabulous.

I’m especially glad it turned up ultra-quickly (ordered yesterday, arrived today…) as I’ve got some seriously busy days ahead of me. Reviews, articles, and a visit from my Dad- there’s lots to do, and not enough time.

Continuing with Black Man by Richard Morgan. Violent, political, and frighteningly good. It’s the kind of thing that just leaves me thinking:- I’ve really got to rewrite my novel if it’s going to stand a chance of being this good…

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