The Best Laid Plans…

Honesty time. FLIPSIDE has ground to a halt. I’m not saying I’ll never do anything else to it, but… for the moment… it’s on hold. I’m heavily entrenched in rewrites on THE HYPERNOVA GAMBIT, and getting closer with every step. I’ve also got an idea for a group of seven interlocking short novellas, all dealing with archetypal story forms- Comedy, Tragedy, Overcoming the Monster, Rags to Riches- and all set in a weird, semi-Victorian world. If it works, it’ll be called TALES OF THE HARLOT, and I’ll be doing it just for me, for the moment. At the least, I need to get THE HYPERNOVA GAMBIT out of the way. It shall be done- oh yes, it shall be done…

In other news- after a very tense week, George and I finally managed to sort out various problems at the weekend- and while the situation with the flat may be somewhat annoying, we’re going to continue paying, simply to get the thing over and done with. We’re also talking more about everything between us, as the last six months have been non-stop risk and change, and there’s a certain point where you have to slow down and tell yourself- “Hmm- if we’re still alive, maybe we’re doing okay!”

I’ve also been driving more. We got the car back, and I’m just getting used to doing the ten minute trip to the workshop on my own, but Thursday is going to involve me both driving into Alton and (shock. horror) parking. The world may not be ready yet…

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