Day 14: Devil Inside

Yesterday afternoon, I had to go and see teen werewolf movie Blood and Chocolate at a multiplex in Basingstoke, thanks to the distributors not screening the thing. The film itself was pretty dreary teen horror bobbins, but possibly the strangest moment (aside from the point in the film where I realised that all the werewolves’ clothes were magically evaporating every time they changed into wolves) was in the trailers. Yet another anti-piracy trailer turned up, except this one was selling us the idea of how fantastic a movie like Apocalypto is on the big screen, and how the crappy picture of a pirate DVD is nothing in comparison to the real thing.

All very true. With one problem.

We already knew that. We were actually in the cinema.

It reminded me of those old adverts on VHS tapes trying to sell the amazing picture quality of DVD when the format was just getting established- when there was no physical way of showing the difference. It’s just a nutty way of marketing, and the very definition of preaching to the converted. What’s the point of telling people who’ve payed to watch a film on the big screen that the big screen is best? If I wanted to watch a Pirate DVD… I would have watched a Pirate DVD instead! I managed to resist the urge to shout “We know!! We know!!” at the screen, but it was a close call…

Today- 926 words, plus I did a couple of reviews, and I actually drove properly for the second time in a very long while. Last week, I drove home from Alton- this week, I drove all the way to Winchester and back. I was on the road for about an hour- there were a couple of errors, and a couple of things I need to do better, but otherwise I did pretty well. It’ll take me a little while, and I need more confidence, but I’m feeling good about this.

I just need some time to work on The Hypernova Gambit, now…

Progress on FLIPSIDE:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,716 / 67,500

One thought on “Day 14: Devil Inside

  1. The cheerful irony is that the pirated versions of Apocalypto are mastered from an awards screener disc, and hence look great.
    I’ve always wanted to shout loud and proudly “You mean I could have DOWNLOADED THIS instead?! What a cheek!”
    (Of course, I don’t condone piracy… but they make it so difficult sometimes.)


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