Voyages in the Bewilderness

….Hello? Is this thing on?

It’s been a little while- and Christmas and New Year has felt rather like being flatenned by a Steam Train, and then dragged along in its wake. It’s been fun, but there’s been barely an opportunity to catch my breath- added to which, it’s now looking like our financial situation is going to be as difficult as it’s possible to get for the next few months. Life is going to be very, very hard- but despite my pessimistic nature trying to assert itself, I’m determined that we’re going to get through this.

The week away in Wales was both great fun and very hard work- I’m the sort of person who instinctively wants to tuck himself in a corner at Christmas and watch movies, so being in a house with 14 of my in-laws was educational, to say the least. Good times were had, I think it was mainly just the timing- I really needed a couple of days to catch my breath before had, rather than being pitched straight into it. It was a very impromptu arrangement, and if it happens again next year, the organisation will definitely be better- which will help immeasurably.

I’m currently subbing at IPC, bouncing back and forth between London and Hampshire- but the plan for next week is to stay at home and work on the book. George is working hard at getting the house sorted- and I’m not always good at telling her exactly how much it means to me, but I know that this is all going to be worth it in the end. We’re still having to sort out £715 per month for the rent on the previous flat, but hopefully we’ll soon be able to at least get it sorted when the ‘ultimate cut-off point’ actually is. Even if it’s June, there’s only five more to go- so if it can be moved forward at all, it’ll be a benefit.

We’re also currently stuck with dial-up for the immediate future- so not only will my updates here be a little fleeting, but my TV Eye looks at the recent downloaded American TV are going to have to wait. Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to raise the tone out of bleak despondency- I’m at least going to be taking the weekend off in order to get my head together, so hopefully I’ll be better able to handle things better soon.

Normal service will be resumed soon…

2 thoughts on “Voyages in the Bewilderness

  1. Torchwood…
    Nice to see RTD paying homage to you in the penultimate episode of ‘Torchwood’ with the rather fetching “Vote Saxon” poster on the church hall door…
    At least he’s come terms with the fact that he nicked the whole scenario from you and turned it into an unengaging big gay Welsh thing.


    • Re: Torchwood…
      Blimey. The mind boggles. I’m almost regretting missing episodes 10-13- although from what I’ve heard about the finale (the key word, apparently, is ‘bobbins’) I probably haven’t missed much…


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