It’s done.

The move was painful, stressful and generally one of the more difficult experiences I’ve had for a while, but now it’s done. Thanks to the delay, I had to come back to London almost immediately- and I’ve now hit the fact that day returns at pre-9am peak times are double the price they are at any other point. £25.00 rather than £15.00 was an unwelcome price to be greeted with this morning. This means I’m going to be staying overnight at the Bounds Green flat tomorrow, as well as Wednesday night, and also opens a whole other can of worms relating to timing, transport, and the changes I’m going to have to make to my life in order to get this all to work…

…and yet I’m not regretting this. Sitting in my office last night, assembling my computer and sorting out a few Christmas presents, I felt more at home than I have done in months. I’ve wanted to get out of London for a very long time- and this doesn’t feel like a mistake. It feels like I’m in the place that I need to be- my life is going to change significantly as a result of this, but I can’t help feeling that it’s going to be a good thing. I slept well last night, and while I’m only going to be spending minimal time there over the next few days (and then off to Wales for a week), this isn’t feeling like a mistake. Yes, I’d rather we weren’t having to do this with a gigantic financial burden hoverring over our heads… but when I think about the alternate universe where we didn’t do this, and are stuck in London for another Christmas, I really don’t like the idea.

Life is going to change. Plus, I’m going to have to write like hell- and that can’t be a bad thing.

One thought on “Touchdown

  1. From Anna
    Hoorah! Well done you guys! Glad you made it out of the big smoke. Let me know your new address…! Hope you have a smooth Christmas. Love, Anna


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