Something Always Happens

It’s been an eventful few days, and I could go into massive details. I could describe the ups and the downs, the meeting with the landlord, the disagreements and arguments that have happenned, the stress and the worry- but I don’t want this to turn into a catalogue of how difficult things are. Suffice to say… we’re taking a slightly unorthodox solution to the problem. We’re moving on the weekend of the 16th-17th of December. Come what may. Even if we still have to pay for this place, we’re still moving. For various reasons, it’s the only workable way of doing things at the moment… but also, at heart, I know it’s the only option that won’t crack my soul into pieces. Living in an empty flat was always something I was only going to be able to do for a short amount of time, and if the end result of doing this is living under a major financial burden for the first few months of next year… then it’s just the price we have to pay. We’ve been waiting to move on for too long- it’s time to at least start our new life. Yes, it’s scary. But it’s also kind of exciting, too.

And if anyone knows anyone who’s looking for a flat for six months in the Bounds Green (Zone 3) area of London- you’d be bringing some serious sunshine into our lives…

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