Flatland Without End

Just a quick update on the housing situation, which is pretty bleak and doesn’t look like it’ll be changing anytime soon. After weeks of a small number of calls most of which were either estate agents or people who didn’t understand what the words “six month let only” means, I shifted the Loot advert into the “Short lets” section on Monday. Result? An almost instant phone call from a girl who sounded pretty keen on at least looking at the flat, and then kindly neglected to call back. Otherwise, it’s been so quiet you can virtually see the tumbleweeds drifting past. The flat is now also being advertised by the Estate Agents, which may (or may not) be an advantage. We’re also still waiting for the bathroom heater, and a collection of other problems to be fixed, but the Landlord, in his infinite wisdom, was active enough to put the electricity bill through the door, an act which almost had me marching into his shop uttering pithy epithets along the line of “Is this a fucking joke?” before I thought better of it. Keeping this situation amicable is probably sensible in the long term, but I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to do it. Living in a flat with no stuff isn’t exactly pleasent for the mind or the soul, and I’m hoping beyond hope that something will happen soon to help us out of this situation.

Once again- if there’s anyone out there who knows of someone who wants a flat for six months, or just knows of a good way of publicising it, let me know. Eternal gratitude awaits…

And here, if anyone wants to look, is the Loot ad for our flat.

Here’s hoping for some good news soon…

One thought on “Flatland Without End

  1. This may be “Too little too late”…
    …but have you tried to get hold of local tv/film production companies? They often have an immediate need for short terms lets for crewmembers on shoots.
    Don’t know where you’d begin to look TBH, but it may just be a small help…
    Good luck.
    Mr T.


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