This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

I don’t need to be told that I don’t handle stress very well. The one thing that really drives me up the wall is uncertainty- a world where there are a thousand possibilities, and most of them very, very bad. Once I find out what the situation is, it’s almost always nowhere as horrible as I expected, and everything goes back to something resembling normal. Up until then, it’s like having an anvil of fear dangling from my neck, a knot of stress that simply doesn’t want to unclench, a feeling in my chest that, to be honest, can’t be terribly healthy. I did, at least, not let my stress tell me what to do this week. If I had, I’d have insisted to George that we wait and see, and maybe something’ll turn up- instead, I said yes, let’s do something active, and we’ve ended up somewhere interesting as a result.

Basically, we have a go-ahead to move forward with our plan for obtaining a replacement to move in and let us out of the rest of the contract. We move most of our stuff out within the next two weeks, and then live a somewhat spartan existence until we find someone who wants to move in. And then- bang- we’re gone. It may be that simple, it may be more complicated, but the important thing is- we’re doing it. We’re actually going to try. So, if you know of anyone who’s looking for a flat for six months- a Zone 3 two-level maisonette flat with a double bedroom, washing machine and a good-sized lounge that’s close to the tube and buses, for £800 per calendar month (the price is going up- a part of the deal we can’t avoid, and one that should have affected us, if the landlord hadn’t actually forgotten to raise the rent)- then let me know. And, if you know of any good ways of spreading the word, feel free to let me know. Word of mouth is a good thing.

Was going to write more, but my fingers are aching, so rest is in store. More details soon…

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