Upsides and Downsides

An addendum to yesterday’s plea for sanity in an insane world, here from the fascinating literary/political blog Making Light, underlining exactly how dangerous Bush’s current desire to throw the Geneva Conventions out of the window actually is. The quote that most underlines the point:

“Back during WWII, resistance fighters were taught to avoid answering the Gestapo’s questions for 24 hours (and you can generally do this, even under frightful torture, which the Gestapo was fully able and willing to deliver). After that, they were allowed to say anything they pleased — because by then any plans they might have been aware of would be changed. Any operations they were engaged in would have been canceled. Any codes they knew would have been scrapped. Any people they knew would be living somewhere else under new names.

Which makes me wonder: Exactly what kind of useful information do we think we’re going to get from someone four years after they were captured?”

I’m hoping that the wheels come off this particular train as soon as possible.

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