Housing Equations

From maudlin to bloody annoyed in ten easy steps. Must be something in the air.

Basically, the whole situation regarding the lease on our flat has just received a couple of less-than-welcome kinks. Once again, we’re just trying to sort out if there’s a way for us to be able to move out before next June 24th without it costing us a ridiculous amount of money, but the landlord seems to be going out of his way to make life more difficult. We’ve already said that, essentially, we’d be prepared to do lots of the legwork of advertising the place, showing people around and so forth, and that we wouldn’t protest about covering bills and rent until someone new was in the flat- but now, he’s decided that he wants the flat to be refurbished before someone new moves in. Now, not only is this going to take a month (I don’t think we’d be expected to pay that- but considering the crap he’s throwing at us at the moment, I’m not sure…), but also when it happens is going to be completely dependant on whether the builders he wants to use are actually available. We might be able to move out “a month early”. Might. Then again we might not. Essentially, we could be facing a situation where we’re being held hostage to fortune purely because of whether or not he can book the builders- and how are we supposed to fill the place anyway, if it’s not going to be possible to move in for another month? I’m pissed off and annoyed, and I think I’m going to deal with the Housing Agents from now on, as I’m fed up of having to deal with this. I could handle the situation before- but this basically feels like any solution we’re coming up with that might work, he’s coming up with something to throw in our path and trip us up.

I’d say “Is anyone looking for a flat?”, but even if you were, I’m not even certain how the whole situation would work. All I know is that I’m not going to be able to cope with this until June 24th of next year- whatever we have to do to get out will be easier than the soul-death just waiting for next June would put me through. Certainly, if there’s anyone reading this who knows about tenancies or anything like that (or knows good places for info), any help would be extremely gratefully appreciated.

Right. Time to attempt to cheer myself up…

7 thoughts on “Housing Equations

  1. I’m not anonymous – it’s Anna-mous – see what I did there!!!
    Anyway, sound like he’s just trying to move the goalposts to make sure you’re there until he’s ready for you to move. It’s not your problem when the builders are available, and it’s not up to you to fit around their schedule. Isn’t a contract you can’t get out of called ‘slavery’? Get down to the CAB, sounds like he’s taking advantage/the piss.
    Kiss kiss!


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