Strangers in the Night

It’s alright to have bad days. It’s alright to not achieve everything you set out to acheive. These are the kind of things I need to tell myself at the moment, as I’ve had a funny couple of days. Approaching the novel at the moment keeps giving me chills about how much work is involved, and how crucial it is to get everything right- as a result, I get myself worked up, slightly paranoid, and don’t do much. Not Good. I think it’s also that I’m starting to enter the realm where I’ve been on my own for a little too long- 18 days with the bare minimum of actual human contact is a little bit much for me, but I’m going to use the remainder of time as best as I can- not in a “Oh my god, must use the time!!” way, but to have fun with what I’m doing, and to feel that I’m doing something that’s worthwhile and rewarding. Despite the fact that this is the hugest, most terrifying amount of work I’ve ever done on something in my life, and despite the fact that I’ve got a long way to go before I’m finished… I know I can do this. And I’m not intending on stopping.

I’ll hopefully be seeing my friend Tris on Thursday, all being well- and Dad, Linda and Tom are back a week on Wednesday. The time is going to go very, very quickly…

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