(Just so you know- my titles at the moment are all culled from my writing playlist- the loud, weird stuff that I listen to non-stop to get my brain going).

Okay- Week 12 of New Who, the first episode of the big season finale. Russell T Davies on script duties once again, which means the tone is all over the shop, there’s some epic stuff in the offing and a handful of genuinely cool moments- trouble is, it’s feeling like he’s over-egging the pudding with way too many ingredients (My instincts after last week’s teaser? Absolutely correct!) It varies between really good and shockingly embarrassing, and the teaser for next week didn’t really excite me. It’s fun, but it’s only an echo of the Who I remember. C’est La Vie.

Today turned out to be mainly a day of rest and recharging my batteries, although I did solve one problem with the book, and I’m all set for a mass of work tomorrow. Chapters 10 and 11 are going to have all the gaps filled in them, or I’m not going to bed. I am a determined man… (Oh yes…)

My Galatica fest managed two episodes today- the one that proves that the show’s one true weakness is comedy (there are some seriously excrutiating moments there), and the one that proves kick-ass space opera is the way to go. I’m going to settle down for a Galactica blow-out, and watch the last three episodes of Season One all in one go tonight. It’s hard to believe I’ve still got two and a half weeks on my own, and I have the feeling it’s going to go worryingly quickly. I am, therefore, going to work my ass off from hereon in. I’ve set myself targets for this time next week- and if I work really hard, there’s no reason why I can’t acheive them…

Time to go watch. More work tomorrow.

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