Finally heard from Dad, Linda and Tom today, via an e-mail from Tom. All is well- apparently, they’re somewhere in New Zealand that sounds like ‘Tiramasu’, and it’s very, very cold.

I got plenty of work done today- and also proved to myself that being positive can help more than I realise. I’ve solved some problems in the novel, and I think I’m going to be on course for at least pasting over all the gaps in this thing, so i can get a vaguely coherent first draft that makes sense. I’m going to get there…

Watched RUN LOLA RUN tonight- one of the most breathlessly exciting and kinetic films I’ve seen in my life. It’s a pity it can’t quite keep it up for the full 80 minutes of its running time, but its still dazzling in its sense of style and energy. If I could get half of that sense of pace into the novel, I’ll be doing well.

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