Express Yourself

Week 11 of WHO- and I think it’s safe to say that New Who and I may have our occasional moments where we click, but the chances of a long-term relationship are looking pretty doubtful. This weeks wasn’t dreadful- and yet, it was up and down the quality barometer like an epileptic hamster, with a climax involving the Olympic Torch and the line “Feel the Love” where I actually did have to pinch myself to make certain I wasn’t having a very surreal kind of bad dream. At the least, there was fun in spotting the references, which this week range from The Exorcist, Chocky and Sapphire and Steel adventure Four (for the second time this season!!) to- er- Ghostbusters 2 of all things…

Next week is the first of the big apocalyptic two-parter that ends the season, and they may have (yet again) repeated last year by giving away a pretty major surprise in the teaser. And no, I’m not talking about the Cybermen…

Anyway- today was more work on the book, plus I got an e-mail from Dad and the world seemed to rebel against the idea of me replying. (I’ve sent him a note to leave comments on my blog if all else fails). I’ve remixed the prologue and chapter one of the book, and I’ve also made a halfway decent start on Chapter Two. I’m still feeling my way- but one decision I have made is that I’m not going to be ashamed of this being what I’m describing as “Pop Sci-Fi”. It’s big, it’s emotive, it’s weird, and it’s not afraid to be downwright silly when the moment deserves it. I’m either inventing a new subgenre, or embarrassing myself hideously. Only time, and my ego, will tell.

Finished watching THE RIGHT STUFF over dinner. Great, great film- although very long. The kind of thing DVDs were invented for. It is, I can’t help feeling, ironic that Intermissions have now gone the way of the dodo, as there are plenty of films (like King Kong, for starters) where it would be rather nice to have one. Here’s to progress!

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