Week 10

As Radiohead once sang, “No Surprises”. The ‘experimental’ episode of New Who turned out to be largely an exercise in Russel T Davies showing how utterly fantastic, witty and adventurous he thinks he is, with a few genuinely good ideas buried under a mass of embarressing self-aware storytelling and chase sequences on loan from the Chuckle Brothers.

Still, only three more episodes to go. It’d be nice to be a little more excited, though. This season hasn’t killed my love of Who, but I think it’ll be even harder to care once Season 3 arrives next year. Old Who will live on, no matter what happens with New Who.

3 thoughts on “Week 10

  1. This is pretty much how I wound up feeling about the later generations of Trek – good luck to ’em, am not bothering to watch. As you say, it can’t kill what’s already out there, and it keeps it alive (available) as a commercial venture, which is good thing.
    And loads of people love it, which is good for them.


    • Same here on the Trek front… I love the two series. And I’m glad that some people liked the later ones. More power to them I say. At least it keeps the older stuff alive. Or at least it was. It seems they’ve gone and killed it now. :o)
      I can’t really say the same on the Who. I never saw much of the early stuff. And whilst I’ve been mildly entertained by the recent series I’ve always suspected that the older stuff was better. But – again – I can’t speak from experience. :o)


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