Several Thousand Words later…

I’m a writer.


I’ve actually managed to generate a manuscript that’s two hundred pages of single space text (so proper, double-spaced manuscript, I’m getting on for 400) and this is what I want to do. I’ve also been wrestling with a major bout of depression since I stopped writing. Trouble is, I’m monumentally uninspired by film journalism at the moment, but I need to be earning a little more. I know that there are small, annoying things I need to do in order to keep myself going and keep things afloat. Things have been tough financially before- but they’ve never been tough while someone else has been involved. I feel terribly responsible and that I need to find a way of looking after George and helping out more- and yet, I think I know for certain that the only way I can do that is by writing. Lots, and lots of writing.

We’ve got another party coming up, and I really need to send out some invites. The last few days have been rather up and down mood-wise, and I haven’t been sleeping right- but I’m hoping that things will get better soon. All this is making me realise exactly how important George is to me, and how much i care about her. It’s also making me realise that the stuff I’m writing is very strange, very energetic, and might have the smallest chance of working.

Saw V FOR VENDETTA on Monday- and, let’s just say, it wasn’t the most entertaining two hours of my life. As a big fan of the comic, I was expecting to be disappointed- and it’s not as bad as either FROM HELL or LXG, but it’s still heavily flawed. For shame!

Stuff to do tomorrow. Have to knuckle down, and get myself out of this rut!

More soon…

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