Sunday Night is Film Night…

One mistake I’ve made is not writing down our latest decision- that Sunday night is, officially speaking, our film night. Because we both work, and George can’t always come to screenings, we don’t always get to sit down and watch things together (I can get rather daftly frustrated if she doesn’t want to watch, say, the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica- for me, it’s “It’s here! Let’s watch it!” where as for her, it’s more of a matter of being in the right mood). So, a couple of weeks back, we declared that Sunday night- because of the fact that even when she’s working, she’s always finished by 6pm- is Film Night. I get to choose five possible DVDs, but George gets final say about what we watch.

Two weeks ago, we watched a double-bill of Before Sunrise, followed by Before Sunset. Both utterly wonderful, and they both work so wonderfully together. Before Sunset actually manages to make the original even better, and echoes off it in lots of really intriguing ways.

Last week, it was 2001: A Space Odyssey. For George, it was bizarre because she’d seen so many references and knew so much about the film, and yet had never actually seen it properly all the way through. The only bit where she was drumming her fingers was the latter section of the Stargate sequence, where there’s lots of coloured footage of landscapes, which does, to be honest go on way too long. It’s the kind of film that grows with you- I spotted so many more links and themes than before. And technically speaking, it’s absolutely astonishing.

This week- Pride and Prejudice. We got it as one of the free DVDs in the goodie bags at the Critics Circle awards, and as this week is Valentine’s Day (we’re both working that day), we figured it was a good choice. It’s still very good, although a little too fast (the whole ‘Lydia elopes’ plotline takes seven minutes from start to finish!), and certain characters like Whickham barely get a chance to register. On the DVD, there’s also a slightly dodgy ‘Alternate US Ending’, which adds a scene of Darcy and Lizzie married, and which George thought for a moment started with Darcy with no trousers on and Lizzie on her knees, before realising that it was just rather darkly lit (and he was wearing those rather pale breech things they wore back then).

Lots to do this week. And not enough time to do it.

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