The Guy X talk…

Forgot to say- the Guy X interview went quite well. It was a bit odd interviewing two people on speakerphone and definitely not something I’d like to do every time- the whole pattern of the conversation was somewhat weird, but we got more than enough for the interview, and there were only a few moments where things ran out of steam. It was another “specific” interview, dealing with a particular angle rather than a general chit-chat, but it’s possible I may be getting better at them. I didn’t get the chance to tell them that I was actually at the Edinburgh Festival launch for the film (didn’t meet them- but I did at least spot Monsignor Biggs in person), but probably best- it’s the kind of thing that can possibly seem charming in person, but over the phone can easily come across as aimless wittering. I’ve done the transcription, and I also had to do a Michelle Monaghan Q+A at very short notice for DVD Review, which was fun. Things are going okay, and I’m trying to persuade myself that it’s going to work out.

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