Silver lining

Proof of the fact that sometimes, nice things can happen arrived today, and not before time. The “bad thing” I referred to last entry was the fact that my wedding ring had spontaneously vanished from my finger, and I didn’t know where the hell it was- something which, on top of the epic money troubles we’ve got at the moment, was dangerously close to the last straw. I was not, shall we say, able to cope with it in the slightest. Anyway, this morning, just after a lengthy bath, George came upstairs with the ring in her hand- it had slipped off my finger while I was asleep on Saturday night, and was at the edge of the bed. As if that wasn’t enough, we then heard from the council that they have chopped the amount that we owe them in half- meaning that we can actually afford to pay them, and may even have a little bit left afterwards.

After a dark, traumatic weekend, this is exactly what we needed.

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