Good. It is actually working. (see previous entry).

I’ve gotten rather badly out of the blogging habit, and as a result there’s a gigantic collection of stuff that I feel I should be telling you about, but I can’t think of it. I was listening back to the tape diary I made when I was travelling across America- and all the bizarre, stupid little details that made the trip (like the size of supermarket shelves, or the bizarre things written on the front page of American tabloids) are preserved for posterity. (Not prosperity, as I just wrote- sometimes, I have a very Freudian mind).

I’m currently at work subbing- and all there is to do is wait for schedule changes to come in. So, I’m left, sitting at a keyboard in an over-air-conditioned office, trying to keep myself sane. Wanting to be writing some wonderful piece of reportage journalism, but probably writing the blog equivalent of “Uhhhhhhhhhhh…..”

Too Cynical. More soon.

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