Christmastime Shell-Shock

Once again, I’ve fallen prey to radio silence and left the blog unattended. The thing is, it’s normally proof that life has decided to flatten me with activity- and that’s definitely been the case recently. The preperations for Christmas are almost complete- in short, it’s got to the point where I can stop working, and start actually enjoying it and relaxing. I’m not quite there yet- I’ve still got a day or so of work to go, and George has already headed down to Hampshire, so I’ve got an evening on my lonesome. Sniff.

Very tired at the moment- and feeling very incapable of writing anything witty, urbane- or, in fact, anything at all.

More details soon. Just not right now…

One thought on “Christmastime Shell-Shock

  1. did ladyGeorge tell you about the drunken plan Rik and I evolved during staff party (you were asked after) that Rik, if he grew flicky hair a bit longer and floppier, and I, if I henna-ed my mop to the 9s, could poss pass as the 2 of you. We were going to cosh both of you immediately pre- preview of Pirates/Carribbean 2, and go in your place. Was explaining the Plan to Pirate Peat, and he said, what to do with George and Saxon. So, said I, we chloroform them with hankies – have you not seen any Philip Marlowe films you peasant? – and put them in limosine with tinted windows and drive them round and round the streets of Chicago. Is sad when it is P Peat who is the voice of reason in any conversation, but he has told me I need bigger Plan.
    *am working on it now. be very afraid*


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