Trailers and Vendettas

Some additional stuff- the trailer for Mission Impossible III is up at Yahoo movies, and looks potentially good. It’s directed by J.J. Abrams, it’s got the scrummy Michelle Monaghan (who described my name as “beautiful” thus earning me a moment of pure English ‘did she just say that?’ embarrasment), and the trailer has a nice dark opening with Phillip Seymor Hoffman in scary mode. Certainly better than Tom and his cruciform climbing pose from M.I.2- and no sign of any slow-motion beautiful hair.

Also, is you rummage at BacardiLive.Com you’ll find the trailer for the Miami Vice. It looks… well, it looks very Michael Mann. Boo hiss for not using the theme, and instead going for somewhat anonymous (and not very contemporaneous, considering it’s set in the Eighties) gangsta rap.

Plus- to tie in with my rant about self-referential fairy tale cartoons a little while ago, here’s the trailer for a diabolical piece of swamp-bilge called Hoodwinked that looks to be darkening cinema screens fairly soon. It doesn’t even look like it’s well animated…

And- just while I’m at it- some reviews have turned up on Aint It Cool News here, here and here of V For Vendetta (you’ll have to search for them in the BNAT7 run down)- and they’re gigantically positive. Being a huge fan of the original comic, and having seen the complete fuck-up made of From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I was more than willing to believe this was going to be a disaster, but I may be wrong. I’m withholding judgement until actually seeing it, but even if it’s a halfway decent version, I’ll be happy.

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