At the Dark End of the Street

Late at night on a strange, work-heavy day. Spent most of today staring at the article I’m working on at the moment, but I’m also quite proud that I managed to do an hour of writing this morning, which was quite the most rewarding thing I did all day. On top of that, I managed to finish off a review and do a rough version of another one, so, all things said and done, I’ve actually gotten a ridiculous amount done. I had dinner at 7ish, kept going until nine-ish, and then my brain officially shut down.

I’ve now got two days of subbing at IPC- which will either be utterly boring, or a nice change from spending 90% of my time in my flat. I’ve also realised that I need to be a hell of a lot more regimented with my time. And that completing the book I’m working on is something that I genuinely, genuinely want to do. It’s a strange realisation, but a very nice one.

I’m reading a fantasy/historical epic all about Dragons in the Napoleonic War at the moment- the frustrating thing is that I really want to read The Seven Basic Plots, but it’s one of those heavy-duty books that’s going to take me a long, long time. And I’ve got the new Neal Asher to write. (And I’ve got Guillermo Del Toro to interview about his first film next week. The phrase “Gulp” comes to mind). I need a 27 hour day just to be able to fit everything in.

Also saw a Hong Kong romantic comedy called Drink Drank Drunk last night, which was frothy, nutty and wonderfully sweet in a way that Hollywood romcoms never seem to be able to manage. There’s an energy to Asian romcoms that occasionally is terribly disarming, and their ability to demolish traditional gender roles is quite nice. It was also an extreme surprise to see the woman I’d previously seen in the amazingly icky horror movie Dumplings playing the lead role- another thing about Asian stars, is that they’re often prepared to do stuff that’s totally different from their usual image in a way that just doesn’t happen in Hollywood. More please!

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