The Day Before

The skies are grey, and the countryside around has that wonderfully damp, lush quality that England only gets as a result of serious weather. I’m down in Hampshire, and last night we had a major fireworks party. George’s family takes fireworks very seriously- for our wedding, we had an absolutely gigantic fireworks display that went on for ages, and last night was almost as large- huge, epic, and a nice big bonfire that got me in a very “Wicker Man” state of mind. Anyway, I’m here for another couple of hours, and then it’s back into the metropolis, and the time that has been sitting on the calendar and staring at me in a kind of “Yeah? What are you going to make of it?” way has finally arrived.

Tomorrow morning is the first day of my two weeks. Writing approximately 8 hours a day- essentially trying to generate as much material as possible, and treating this like a professional endeavour, rather than just a rather strange habit that I only do occasionally and use to make myself feel guilty. I’m going to try and detail as much of this as possible here- although it’s very possible that by the end of the first week, my brain will be totally fried. For better, or for worse, the project begins tomorrow morning.

Other than that, it’s been writing all the way. I’ve got an article to check, and two reviews to finish tonight, and I’ve also been comissioned for another big article next month, and I’ve got six days of subbing coming up- which will actually be rather a nice change. I’m glad I’m balancing them out with other stuff, rather than spending too much time subbing and wishing I wasn’t.

Also saw the trailer for King Kong- which looks very, very good. Much better than the original trailer- this actually looks like a Peter Jackson flick, and the CG seems to have massibvely increased in quality just in a couple of months. Missed a screening of Potter on Friday night, simply because the PR people wouldn’t let me in- something that’s been happening a little too much lately, and really needs to stop. Once I get this two weeks out the way, I need to do some work to get back up with the screenings.


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