Sunday Morning (Here again…)

I feel like I should be singing “My Way” on stage in a big auditorium.

Slept well last night- my plan of eating at a decent time rather than at 11.30 at night paid off in dividends. I now have one more night to go in the hostel, and I actually need to think about doing some packing tonight, which is quite a wild concept. If the delegate centre was like a ghost town yesterday, today it’s more like the Marie Celeste. The whole kit and kaboodle shuts down at 12, so I’m going to pop downstairs and try and watch something before the barriers come down.

I’ve also been having some good thoughts about my writing, and the fact that I am going to have to work like a dog when I get back if I’m ever actually going to get anywhere with it. It’s all acheivable, but none of it is going to be particularly easy.

I’m looking forward to getting the chance to enjoy Edinburgh- even if, on the day I’ve finally got the chance to take some pictures, it’s gone grey as hell. And I’m not worrying about the money side of things- I’m having a good time for the next 72 hours, and I’m going to make sure that I’m well fed and ready for sleep when I get on the bus tomorrow.

I may not get the chance to update before I get home. It’s been an interesting, weird and occasionally difficult ride- but, in the end, it feels like it’s been worth it.

(Almost forgot to mention the movies I saw last night- The Devil and Daniel Johnston was a weird, fascinating tale of a cult musician and his battle with severe mental disorders. Touching, illuminating, and quite excellent. P, on the other hand, was yet another Thai movie that doesn’t quite work for me, a tale of an “evil ghost girl” that’s very close to Buppa Rahtree (a previous Thai horror flick), very uneven, and not very scary. It’s also got a fabulously daft ending (Basically, imagine the “Take ME!!” ending of The Exorcist if Damien Carrass then had to sprint about a mile down the road in order to throw himself off something tall to kill himself. Doesn’t quite work, does it?)

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