The Shriekingly Horrible Movie of Robert Carmichael

Well- there’s one thing to be thankful for. At least I’ll never need to see it again.

Great Ecstacy of Robert Carmichael was one of those miserablist “State of the Nation” pieces that only ever actually gets noticed because it lavishes attention on really, really, REALLY nasty violence. I’d heard it was unpleasent. And it didn’t let me down. A really tiresome, nihilistic film shot with an artistic, painterly haze that’s trying to justify what little it has to say. The first half was, at the least, interesting in its distinctive style. The rest of it was tiresome nonsense, and I’m going to try and flush it out of my brain as quickly as is humanly possible.

Okay, so I haven’t got a specific film now until 5. Got some things to see in the Videotecque (Mad Hot Ballroom sounds like enough of a contrast), and also desperately need some lunch. I’m very happy that it’s Friday, though- and tomorrow is essentially the last day I’ll be able to get anything major done. After that, it’s “mopping-up operations”, and the chance to properly explore Edinburgh before I depart late on Monday night.

Food beckons…

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