The Eagle Has Landed

Okay- reintroducing myself to the world of timed Internet cafes. I miss broadband on tap…

Bleary-eyed, battered but alive, I’m here, and Edinburgh is fascinating- a looming, weird, semi-medieval vaudeville of a city with lots of levels and lots of layers. I’m too tired to function accurately at the moment (I tried logging onto a moment ago), so today is mainly a chance to rest- I did manage to sleep fairly well on the bus, but it was never going to be enough. The hostel is bright, clean and pleasent (unlike the two I walked past to get there), and everyone so far has been terribly helpful. Saw WAH-WAH this morning, and despite a couple of overdone moments it kept me entertained.

I miss George, and I don’t know exactly how the next two weeks are going to pan out- but I can see them going by in a flash. My updates will probably be rather short and snappy for the next fortnight- here’s to dark screening rooms, and lots of weird, wild and wonderful movies.

Chin chin!

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