Evening Shade

Events have moved along…

I’m now down in Hampshire, spending the weekend with my in-laws, and having an early birthday celebration (which is a little strange- nice, but strange). We came down this morning, after a brief and sweaty half-hour in Waterloo, where none of the self-service machines seemed to be taking cards (a fact you could generally only find out by actually cueing at the damn things for ten minutes). Thankfully, it all worked out, and we arrived in Alton at 1.40. The trip down was full of one of those freewheeling conversations between George and me that remind me exactly why I married her- I should have been reading the book I’m supposed to be reviewing for SFX, but I didn’t care! (Gosh…)

Anyway- this afternoon, I earned some brownie points by managing to keep my three nephews and one niece occupied for two and a half hours thanks to the fantastic Games Workshop boardgame Dungeon Quest, which I’d picked up on Ebay a few weeks ago after being reminded that the thing actually existed and remembering how much I’d enjoyed it. I hadn’t played it in over 15 years, but it was still a fantastic amount of fun, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. Getting the chance to play both the heroes and the monsters, as well as shouting “Die, die, die!” at various points provided plenty of fun.

We just finished watching an episode of Seinfeld- where Kramer hi-jacks the old set from the Merve Griffen show, and Jerry ends up drugging his latest girlfriend just so he can get away with playing with her vintage toy collection.

Also created a photo for the blog this morning- I thought I’d go for a Warhol-esque feel. At some point, I’m going to upgrade to a paid account because I want to upload some of my rather epic CD compilation design work- but, at least there’s a little more colour about the place.

Edinburgh is two days away. Being philosophical about this is possibly the healthiest way to approach this- I’m treating it as reconnaisance. If all I do is hang out, get my face known and get to go to a couple of parties, that can’t be too bad.

2 thoughts on “Evening Shade

  1. at least there’s a little more colour about the place.
    Saxon, your page is bright Yellow. That is colour. Mind you, I came over to admire your Warholesque icon piccie.
    You’ll have a great time in Edinburgh. George will miss you, though. Come to think of it, I miss George now I hardly see her at work.


    • (Lady George Here)
      When he returns, you must come over for an evening or three – didn’t seem much point when we saw each other 5 days a week, but damn it – I miss you too!


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