Bradley & Hoyle

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Status: In progress

Dan Hoyle: 23 years old, handsome, quick-witted, and hanging on to life by a thread. After discovering the existence of magic, his life blew up in all kinds of ways, and his attempts to work his way back into London’s occult underworld after a lengthy exile are not going well.

What Dan needs is a bit of good luck. What he gets is Tasha Bradley.

A blonde tornado of chaos, this champagne-swilling super-rich ‘It’ girl drunkenly wanders into London’s magical world by accident, and runs straight into Dan Hoyle. Tasha has a penchant for sex, drugs and doing whatever the hell she likes, she has no idea that anything strange is happening and likes the look of Dan – even if he finds her overwhelming, bewildering, and downright demented.

Tasha’s used to getting what she wants – but unfortunately for them both, someone else has taken an interest in her. There’s something hidden inside Tasha’s head that’s worth killing for, and soon some of the most dangerous entities in London are on their trail. Dan and Tasha’s only chance is to work together as they’re swept up into a madcap day of action, strangeness and romance…

(My current work-in-progress – imagine Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere filtered through screwball classic Bringing Up Baby and the weirdness of Grant Morrison’s classic run on oddball superhero comic Doom Patrol. Or maybe you can’t. It’s a wild, deliberately entertaining mix of ‘Strange London’ fantasy and kooky romantic comedy that’s tremendous fun, but which has also turned out to be a lot harder to write than I expected (Unexpected fact: Comedy is HARD), and which also got slowed down by my decision to go and do a two-year Creative Writing MA in the middle of writing it. It’s also the best thing that I’ve written so far, and one of these days I’m actually going to get it out into the world…)