Day 16: No Regrets

SMD Publishing have entered administration. It’s happenned just a couple of days before I was going to go ahead with the court action- and if I had, it would have been another £200 down the hatch. There may be a slim possibility of getting money back… but this now brings the total amount of money that I’ve lost as a result of working on Hotdog to well over £3,000. It’s at times like this that the idea of getting out of writing about movies and getting my novel career going is very, very alluring. It’s just upsetting more than anything else, especially considering that we badly needed that money right now- but, I’d been doing my best to survive without it, and I’ll continue to survive.

987 words. The story continues to inch forward- and I’ve formulated the next few scenes in a way that’s slightly surprising me. Unfortunately, I do feel like I’m going to have to rewrite the hell out of this if it’s going to stand a chance of working.

Progress on FLIPSIDE:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
16,005 / 67,500