Comics Review – Miracleman: Volume 1– A Dream of Flying

$4.99 per issue / Publisher: Marvel
WRITER: The Original Writer
ARTISTS: Gary Leach, Alan Davies

Rating: * * * * 1/2


It’s one of the most important superhero comics ever published, and after an insanely complicated series of legal wrangles that stretched over two decades, the Miracleman saga is finally back in print. Marvel are republishing the whole story in issue format, with remastered art and updated colours, and a whole new audience now has the chance to explore one of the earliest masterpieces from a comics legend.

Alan Moore may have had his name removed from the credits (part of the comic’s convoluted legal saga), but Miracleman is still a vital stage in his career. Originally published throughout the 1980s, it’s the first revisionist superhero comic for adults, as faded journalist Michael Moran rediscovers his childhood identity as the god-like superhero Miracleman, only to then confront the darker truths hiding behind his seemingly innocent memories.

While daring and massively influential, the stories in these first three issues also show Moore still finding his feet as a writer. Featuring over-wordy narration and a handful of weaker moments, Miracleman’s early stretches are a little dated and uneven, but the flaws don’t take away from the comic’s impact, while the new colouring makes the art look better than ever. Miracleman isn’t always an easy read, but it’s a powerful and necessary one that ultimately heads in some stunning, transcendent directions, and is a must-have for anyone with a serious interest in comics.


The Neil Gaiman Miracleman stories that followed on from Moore’s will also be republished, and Gaiman will also be writing new tales to complete the saga.

Marvel’s ‘mass-market’ Miracleman digital edition has amended the art to cover up female nudity. How they’ll handle the later, far more adult content is a mystery…